Zero -Waste Shopping Solutions

Reducing our dependency on single use disposable plastic is a simple and easy place to start doing better for the planet. 


Bringing your own 100% organic cotton bags with you when you shop is not only easy to do, but will help you bring less trash into your home. Buying items in bulk is also very cost effective, and will generally make you feel more connected to the food you eat. 


Zero - Waste Art Packing materials

It's time the art market steps up to help the planet. Using harmful disposable plastic packing is becoming unacceptable in a space that depends on beauty and creativity to thrive. 

CO/FO was created to make it easy for businesses to switch to better practice, and has identified that the art industry has a responsibility to directly respond to the global climate crisis. Curators, Artists, Galleries and Museums all need to re-think their actions and start switching to more environmentally friendly packing materials, now that the solutions are here!