Welcome to the future of art packaging.

This 100% compostable and biodegredable film will be a perfect replacement to your plastic wrap. 


Roll size: 100 meters long x 1 meter wide

Material: 100% compostable and biodegrdable, plant based film

Micron (thickness) Comes in 30 (thin plastic film) and 65 micron (thick plastic film)


30 micron is like the thickness of a plastic bag, or a garment bag.

60 micron is the thickness of a plastic sheeting used in wrapping artworks, boxes ect.

100% Compostable & Biodegradable Packing Film

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  • Size & Price of Rolls:

    1000mm wide 50m long = £96.00 Thickness 30 micron

    1000mm wide 100m = £110.00 Thickness 30 micron

    100% Compostable packing film, made purely of plant based materials. A perfect solution to packing and protecting artworks in shipment. The Composta-film BVF103 -home compost grades offer an alternative waste disposal route for  film applications. These materials already biodegrade completely in garden compost and have been awarded the OK Compost HOME certificate. Based on renewable resource raw materials, Compostable film is considered to have uncompromising quality regarding mechanical properties and moisture barrier.