Ditch the Disposables.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

What does your week look like in regards to your trash?

Doing our part for the planet is a daily choice. We can make small changes that will have an incredibly large impact over time.

To start off, we can look at our own daily life to minimize our impact on mamma earth.

If you are a creative, artists, curator, gallery owner or just a human occupying space we can start with the below simple suggestions and work our way out from there.

Don't try to be perfect, just do what you CAN when you CAN.

START HERE: Ditch the Disposables.

1. Bring your own coffee cup. You get discounts when you do.

2. Carry a fork and knife in your bag for take-aways on the go.

3. Bring your own water bottle. Loads of places will fill you up if you ask.

GET A BIT BETTER: Reduce your Consumption

1. Eating loads of meat is just not great for the planet. Reduce your meat intake.

2. Buy unpackaged food. Instead of buying that banana in plastic, buy it loose.

3. Bring your own bags to the supermarket. Put them by the door so you don't forget them on the way out. Again this saves you money - as most places charge you for bags.

4. SAY NO. Say no to that plastic fork, coffee cup, and plastic bag. Just say no as much as you can and try to go without the convenience.


1. Look at other areas of your life that could be improved. Can you ditch the paper towels at home and go for reusable cloths? Can you switch out those disposable razors for a metal sexy long life razor?

2. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Even if you change one persons habits and get them to ditch the disposables, you have reduced your own footprint massively.

3. Set some new rules in the house. Tell your friends and family to follow your rules and to stop taking home that mindless plastic bag from the supermarket for that one container of eggs. Having a dinner party? Ask your friends to not bring plastic bottles of drink and go for the fancy glass bottle of wine instead.

Join CO/FO. Do what you can, start today, and leave a positive impact on the planet. It's not rocket science.

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