10 ways to cut waste in the art gallery.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Image from Okuda Installation at Moniker Art Fair 2019

Making small changes around the gallery can have a big impact on the waste from an event, or just the day to day running of your business.

1. Change the trash bags in the gallery to compostable and biodegradable bags 2. Get a fancy water machine or drink your local tap water, instead of bottled water. 3. Try to plan ahead and bring your lunch to work rather than rushing for a take away. 4. Re-use your bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, instead of throwing them out. 5. Ask clients to collect artwork rather than ship it if they are local. 6. At opening receptions try to use glass or paper rather than plastic cups for wine and beer. 7. Create digital and downloadable content rather than printed flyers or catalogues. 8. Look at composting food at the gallery from staff members lunch rather than binning it. 9. Use paper tape to pack artworks rather than plastic tape. 10. Inform your staff members to bring their own coffee cup or water bottle to work, I know we drink a lot of coffee in the art world :)

Extra Credit - Switch with CO/FO to 100% compostable art packing materials and 100% renewable energy for the gallery.

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